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Oil-free air compressor built for harsh environmental conditions


This MaXXol-250 (185  KW ) Oil-free compressor


is on its way to a mineral processing plant known for its corrosive environment and hot ambient temperatures.  The compressor is water-cooled and equipped with special oversize coolers for tropical conditions, oversize air-filters, stainless steel tubing and fittings, VS variable-speed capacity control for saving power on a large span of flows, and the time-proven MaXXtronic Digital controller that provides for compressor & motor safety and communication facilities with customer's MCC.


Creativity in full Color …. Unique in the world

Nachlat Binyamin

is the pedestrian mall where the creativity of Israeli artists explodes in full color every Tuesday and Friday.

The rule is that only artists are allowed to present their own creations. From figurines made of wood, metal, glass to paintings, from jewelry to baskets made of recycled paper, from ceramic flowers to sculptured wind pipes, a true concentration of color, design, art, imagination, accompanied by the background music of classic violinists as well as jazz singers, all peppered by pantomime artists and punctuated by excellent eateries, to the pleasure of thousands of locals and tourists.
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A variety of small, reliable reciprocating
 Oholiab air compressor assist artists, artisans and workshops   with a reliable supply of clean compressed air to power production tools.


When it comes to Oil-Free air..

MaXXol is best!

At low and High  pressures 

Several MaXXol compressors of up to 250 KW power, have been delivered to supply 3 bar air in
a bacteriological treatment of chemical waste,
round-the-clock, 24/7.

The compressors have a stepless flow control with the use of Variable-speed inverters. Rugged ABB controllers with  TCP/IP communication facility, digitaly control the alarm, safety and operating parameters of the compressors, which both mechanically and electronically have proven to be heavy duty work-horses.
10 Bar MaXXol compressors provide oil-free instrument and plant air to the same facility.

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The Weizmann Institute and Swedish Pomp & Circumstance

The Nobel prize recently received by Professor Yonath has highlighted the contributions of the renown Weizmann Insititute of Science (
 Into diverse sectors of research and development, from Biotechnology to Solar Energy.
 Several Departments at the Institute depend on
Max-50, Max-100 and  Max-200  Air compressors for the continuous supply of dry & clean process and instrument air.

Basic Technicalities...................... 

The power-efficient and  low-cost way
to produce dry compressed air
with -40 deg.
Pressure Dew
? ?
Installing Refrigerated  TnE   dryer,
 upstream of a 
DD-dessicant dryer
will reduce the Purge-Air loss from 15%
to approx. 1.5% at
a modest investment
and with
a minimal power consumption.

High quality medical  air 

is what you get....

from  OLH-553 compressors

One of the major and most modern medical
centres in I
, with state of the art operating rooms,diagnostic and treatment  facilites has recently been equipped with several OLH-553 compressors, TnE refrigerated Dryers and
DD-dessicant dryers for the supply of dry medical-quality compressed air,both  for breathing and surgical equipment.                     

 OLH553 and OLH-35  oil-less Air pumps
   Are available at A special  discount 

When did Oholiab launch its
design & production
activity in the metals industry?
Approximately 3500 years ago.
(See Exodus 31:1-11).
In compressors, the activity is
more recent: approximately  from 1950 AD onwards.


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