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MedicAir for  better   Medi–care

Medic-Air consists of

                    a complete range of 

Oholiab-Airmac  OIL-LESS and 
                    OIL-FREE Air-Compressors
Accessories such as
    air-dryers , microfibre filters, receivers.


    Comply with International Medical Air Standards. 

          From   5.5 HP - 460 It/min  (16cfm) 
          To       250HP - 32,000 lt/min (1140cfm)
 MedicAir   Oil – Less,Reciprocating Compressors 
Capacity: 440 to 1870 liter/min
                   (16 to  65 cfm )
 Power range:  5.5 HP – 20 HP
 Pressures: Up to 10 barg
     (special executions to 12 barg)                  
 Two-stage, low-speed,Cast iron
 Absolutely oil-less compressors.
 Air Quality compatible With
,European  and Israeli  Medical
 Multiple-compressor batteries  
total power ratings
    of up to 200 HP, 
 with high rate of
 Acoustic Canopies for noise  
    level eduction.


For Hospital breathing and Instrument Air, pharmaceutics, biotechnology,

Food & beverage

Single compression units
 Multiple Compressor Installations


MedicAir    Oil – Free  Screw –type Compressors

Capacities: 5.3  to 32 M3/min.
                                 (183 to  1140  cfm)
Power range:50 HP – 250 HP
 Pressures: Up to 10.5 barg
Two-stage, oil-free compression
Air compression
    without contamination  
    by the lubricating oil.
Air Quality compatible With, European 
    and Israeli Medical standards.
Multiple-compressor batteries equipped
     with Sequencing controllers for power 
Suitable for heavy-
             duty continuous  operation.
For Hospital breathing and Instrument

Air, pharmaceutics, Biotechnology,

Food & beverage.


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