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All air dryers are designed for a pressure Dew Point of +3º C.
Dryers are Air-cooled except for Model TNE6900W which is water-cooled Water cooling is available on other sizes, on request.

Power supply:    Up to Model TNE600: 220 V-1 phase - 50 Hz
                              Models TNE930 and above: 400V – 3 phase-50 Hz

The above ratings apply to Ambient Temperature of 25º C, and air-inlet   temperature to Dryer of 35ºC, air inlet pressure of 8 barg. For other temperatures and pressures please use the conversion table below, multiplying the nominal flow of the dryer with indicated multipliers:
Air inlet temperature   25   35   45   50   60   70
Multiply the nominal dryer flow with :  1.09 1 0.95 0.9 0.86 0.81
Ambient temperature   20   25   30   35   40   45
Multiply the nominal dryer flow with:  1.1 1 0.92 0.83 0.80 0.76
Air inlet pressure, barg  5  6  7  8     9  10
 Multiply the nominal dryer flow with : 0.7 0.85 0.9 1 1.05 1.15




Air Dryers include: 

  • Closed circuit refrigeration system with Hermetic refrigeration compressor (Tecumseh or equal), R22/R407C refrigerent with air/ refrigerent heat exchanger (evaporator) and air or water-cooled condenser;capacity control is throughhot-gas bypass valve and condenser fan control.
  • Compressed air-circuit, including air-cooled air precooler,  reheating heat exchanger /economiser (in which dry and cold compressed air is heated to approximately ambient temperatures off the incoming wet air, which itself is precooled before entering the air/refrigerent heat exchanger), impingement type moisture separator, float type or
    electronically timed type drain valve.
  • Control panel, including power on, fault lamps, start-stop switches, evaporator pressure switch, high discharge pressure safety shutdown  switch. 
  • Steel baseplate and powder-painted canopy encompassing the dryer components with interconnecting piping & wiring.


  Steel baseplate and powder-painted canopy encompassing the dryer components with interconnecting piping & wiring.



Standard Equipment Specifications: Twin-tower, heatless dessicant type air dryer, complete with inlet and discharge connections, non-lubricated cycling valves (solenoid or pneumatic operated), inlet and discharge strainers, digital control panel with keypad for the automatic cycling control/display of parameters, pressure gauges on each drying column, non-return valves at the discharge, purge-valves with silencers on each tower. The adsorbent is Activated Alumina.

The Pressure vessels are fabricated and certified according to BS 5169, sand-blasted and painted inside and out. The full cycle is 10 minutes, during which the vessels alternate with the drying & regeneration functions.
The purge air used is approximately 9 to 14 % of full flow.
Standard Pressure Dew point realized: -40° C ( - 40° F ) at 7 Barg (100 psig)


Correction factors when selecting the air dryers to match dry air demands
To find the actual drying capacity of a dryer, at actual site conditions, please use the following factors:


If the air temperature at dryer inlet is:
Multiply the nominal dryer capacity by:






If the air pressure at compressor inlet is:

Multiply the nominal dryer capacity with:

% of dryer capacity used for regeneration:

5 bar



6 bar



7 bar



8 bar



10 bar



12 bar







  • Demand type Dew Point Control System, complete with Digital Dew Point Indicator, Dew Point probe, operational and High Humidity alarm relays (the control actuates a regeneration & purge cycle, only when there is need
    to do so by monitoring the discharge-air dew point, which saves purge air when the actual air consumption is less than the full capacity of the dryer). 
  • External blower-type regeneration systems (provides external regeneration
    air, without using any dry compressed air).
  • Heat of compression type air dryers: applicable to oil-free 2-stage screw or centrifugal compressors. These dryers use the heat of compression to efficiently regenerate the dessicant, thus practically eliminating any purge air loss. Typical pressure dew points obtained can vary between -15° to -20° C 
  • Special instrumentation, including dew point flowmeters, high dew point alarm, visual moisture indicator.

Special executions: dryers for high and low air pressures, factory assembled prefilters and afterfilters, factory assembled bypass piping, Combined cycle - Refrigeration/Dessicant dryer skids, 60 Hz electrics.